Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Interview look

I had a interview yesterday, so I did a very simple and fast look besides I was in a rush! Lol.. But any ways I just touched up eyebrows, applied foundation, blush, very light eyeshadow on lid and a soft brown in crease. Then mascara and liner on my water line.

Tips for interview
Soft simple makeup
Hair well groomed
Blouse covering your chest
Plan out on what to say before your
Interview, it helps make be less nervous.
Bring references
For any more info GOOGLE!! It Helps when u need answers or more tips! ;)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Crazy lashes look! ;)

I did this a while back. So I don't remember exactly what I used. I kno I did a blue shadow on lid and purple on crease. Eye used a Tattoo of a butterfly above the brow.
Items used:
Sedona lace pro palette colors: blue a nd purple.
Wet n wild eyebrow kit
Mascara by maybelline falsies in black
Eyeliner by mark Avon
foundation: cover girl true blend
That's all I remember.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

very cheap makeup remover! Its the best so far!!

 So I ordered me this Avon care soothing cream "cold cream cleanser" for only 2.99 and its for removing makeup and impurities. Its very creamy and greasy at the same time. I like it cuz it removes ALL my makeup at once! I apply a dab on a cotton ball and wipe off the makeup then rinse off the cream off my face cuz it is greasy. U can wash ur face too after using this prodouct with a facial cleaner if u dont like the grease it leaves behind, I personaly leave it in because my face is always dry so its perfect for my skin! 
If you are interested in this product u may find on the link below!

Brown cut crease look using E.L.F shadows!!

I used my E.L.f palette and did a brown cut crease smoky look! Brown and black in crease, white on brow bone and glittery beige color on my lid! 
Nyc liquid liner maybelline falsies mascara brownish black and blackest black!
Hope u like it~ ;)

Monday, May 2, 2011

Pocahontas character look!

 I did a natural look winged out,,

Products used: 
wet n wild "comfort zone" palette  using color #1 on my lid
and #3 in crease only. I also applyed #1 to my brow bone
for my eyebrows I used wet n wild eyebrow kit using the light color. and touched it up with my hard candy glamoflauge concealer witch was also used for concealer, followed by my mac prep and prime on my lid (before I applyed my shadow. I used Nyc liquid liner and Maybelline falsies mascara "blackest black".  And also Mark "jetset" eyeliner

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Disney looks from Aladdin and Mulan (Monkey and Cricket)

 I used a brown matte shadow from my sedona lace pro palette and matte purple in crease, on eyebrow bone i used white shadow. for my brows i used my wet n wild brow kit with hard candy glamofluage concealer to clean up the look. Nyc liquid liner on lid and nyx black bean jumbo pencil on water line followed by
Ardell Lashes..

 For the cricket I used a soft purple on lid and darker shades of purple on crease the rest is the same as the monkey look just different shadow colors

hope you like it! ;)